Glenn Neuschwender, P.G.

Mr. Neuschwender is President of Enviroscience Consultants. His main responsibilities include business development, oversight of all corporate activities and services, indoor air quality investigations (including mold contamination), and asbestos training.

He is also the Director for all laboratory and training certifications and accreditations held by the firm, including the EPA National Voluntary Laboratory Approval Program, New York State Department of Health and American Industrial Hygiene Association PAT Program. He is responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of all results reported by the laboratory to our clients, and for the technical accuracy of the standard operating procedures.

Prior to forming Enviroscience Consultants, he was Chief Operating Officer of Windswept Environmental Group, Inc., a publicly-held environmental company, and a principal in the firm of North Atlantic Laboratories, Inc.Mr. Neuschwender is a licensed Professional Geologist in the states of New York and Tennessee.

He is the course director and instructor approved to teach asbestos courses for inspector, management planner, air sampling technician, project monitor designer, handler and supervisor. He is also the course director and instructor approved to teach mold courses for assessor, remediator and abatement worker. He also has extensive experience in the fields of asbestos, environmental investigations and remediations, lead paint and indoor air quality investigations.

He has developed plans and specifications for clients as diverse as the US Army Corp of Engineers, Federal Aviation Administration, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Town of Islip, school districts, and large and small commercial companies. He has reviewed and developed management plans for over 200 school districts as required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). Mr. Neuschwender is responsible for all indoor air quality investigations and industrial hygiene services. His experience includes evaluation of microbial contamination in 100’s of indoor environments, including commercial and residential properties, evaluation of air flow and ventilation, chemical contaminants, respirator fit tests, OSHA compliance programs, and risk assessments and exposure potential measurements.


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