Glen Bornhoft

Mr. Bornhoft is Department Manager of Indoor Environments, and provides oversight within the disciplines of indoor air quality, asbestos inspection, industrial hygiene and lead in drinking water. He is a… Read More

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Irene Capizzi

Ms. Capizzi is Department Manager of Special Inspections, and provides oversight within the discipline of special inspections, including the determination of compliance with the design. Her responsibilities include management of… Read More

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Kathryn Loddengaard

Ms. Loddengaard is Department Manager of Environmental Services, maintains close contact with municipal and regulatory agencies and is responsible for the Firm’s planning, environmental assessment and environmental permitting projects. Her… Read More

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Ed Detweiler

Mr. Detweiler is Manager of Laboratory Services, including Polarized Light Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy services. He is responsible for all Quality Control/Quality Assurance in results reporting,… Read More

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John Driscoll

Mr. Driscoll is Director of Asbestos Inspection and Sampling services at Enviroscience Consultants. His responsibilities include development of inspection protocols, sampling methodologies and report content. He has worked extensively in… Read More

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Bart Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher is Director of Environmental Engineering at Enviroscience Consultants. He is responsible for all inspection and design services in the field of asbestos and environmental remediation. His experience includes… Read More

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Glenn Neuschwender, P.G.

Mr. Neuschwender is President of Enviroscience Consultants. His main responsibilities include business development, oversight of all corporate activities and services, indoor air quality investigations (including mold contamination), and asbestos training…. Read More

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